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QrTip is a service that revolutionizes the tipping experience by offering a convenient and digital solution through QrCodes. It allows customers to show appreciation for exceptional service and tip staff members easily and securely, enhancing the overall satisfaction of both customers and staff. 


QrTip solves several problems related to the traditional tipping process 


QrTip offers a convenient and digital solution for tipping, eliminating the need for customers to carry cash or search for loose change. Customers can simply scan a QR code to tip staff members, making the process quick and hassle-free

Hygiene and Safety

In a world where hygiene and safety are of utmost importance, QrTip eliminates the need for physical cash transactions, reducing the risk of germ transmission. It provides a contactless tipping experience that promotes cleanliness and peace of mind.

Equal Distribution

QrTip allows for fair and equal distribution of tips among staff members. Instead of relying solely on cash tips that might go directly to the server or cashier, QR codes enable pooling and sharing tips among the entire team, ensuring equitable distribution.

Recognition and Appreciation

QrTip provides an easy and tangible way for customers to express their appreciation for exceptional service. By offering a digital tipping option, customers can acknowledge and reward staff members who have gone above and beyond, promoting a positive work environment.

Transparency and Accountability

QrTip provides a transparent tipping process, allowing customers to track and verify their tipping history. It offers a clear record of tips given, ensuring accountability and avoiding any confusion or disputes.

By addressing these problems, QrTip enhances the tipping experience for both customers and staff members, providing a seamless, safe, and fair way to show appreciation for excellent service

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Benefits for Business Owners


Faster transactions, less waiting


Enhanced customer satisfaction


Safe and encrypted transactions


Detailed reporting and monitoring


Improve staff morale 

Benefits for Staff

Increased Tips

Clear and convenient tipping


Reduced risk of tip theft


Reduced errors and discrepancies 


Increased tip transparency 


Easy and mobile payments

Benefits for Customers


Easy mobile tipping 


Faster transactions, less waiting


Clear tipping and donating options 


Safe and encrypted transactions


Potential for easier split tipping 

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Key Features

Potential for easier split tipping 

Easy tip distribution among eligible staff.

Integration with digital receipts for seamless process.

Real-time notification of received tips.

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How Its Works

Customer scans the QrCode.

Tipping interface displayed on their screen.

Tipping interface displayed on their screen.

Secure processing and confirmation for customers and staff.

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Creative Examples

A coffee shop places QrCodes near the cash register, inviting customers to scan and leave a digital tip for baristas who provide exceptional service. This encourages customers to recognize and reward outstanding customer experiences

A ride-sharing service incorporates QrCodes into their driver’s profile, giving passengers the option to scan and tip drivers directly through the app. This enables passengers to express gratitude for a smooth and pleasant ride.

A beauty salon includes QrCodes on their stylist’s business cards, allowing clients to scan and leave a tip for their favorite hairdresser or beautician. This provides a convenient and contactless way to show appreciation for the skill and care provided.

A food delivery app introduces QrCodes on packaging, enabling customers to scan and tip the delivery drivers after a successful and prompt delivery. This empowers customers to express gratitude for the efficient and reliable service.

These creative examples highlight how QrTip simplifies the tipping process, encourages customers to acknowledge exceptional service, and ensures that staff members receive recognition for their hard work. QrCodes facilitate a seamless and cashless tipping experience, creating a positive atmosphere for both customers and staff.

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FAQ on QrTip

Q: How does QrTip work?

A: Customers scan a QrCode and enter the tip amount to show appreciation for excellent service provided by staff members. 

Q: Can I use QrTip at any establishment?

A: QrTip is available at participating establishments that offer the QR tipping option.  

Q: Are tips distributed fairly among staff members?

A: Yes, QrTip allows for the fair distribution of tips among the entire staff, promoting equitable sharing. 

Q: Is QrTip secure for customers?

A: Yes, QrTip ensures secure tip transactions, protecting customer information and maintaining privacy. 

Q: How does QrTip benefit staff members?

A: QrTip provides faster payments, encourages recognition for outstanding service, and promotes a positive work environment.  

Q: Can I leave a tip using a credit card with QrTip?

A: Yes, QrTip supports various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, making it convenient for customers to tip.